Fresh herbs are such a delight — and they can be right outside the kitchen door. Herbs are easy to grow. Many are drought-tolerant (they’ll survive the dog days of summer and can handle a missed watering or two without croaking). I planted an herb garden yesterday in about half an hour. Granted, it took longer to buy the plants. Go for a dedicated herb garden or just pop in one or two kinds you like. You’ll be proudly snipping fresh herbs right away.

Choosing herbs to grow

Plant what you like to eat or use. Some favorite herbs include:

  • Basil – make your own tomato and mozzarella caprese salad

    Fresh herb omelette

  • Cilantro – a personal favorite and not just for Mexican food
  • Chives – not just for baked potatoes
  • Dill – great with everything from cucumbers to omelettes to potatoes
  • Mint – mojitos, anyone? (best in a container!!)
  • Oregano – you get the idea…
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

How much do I need?

To use in cooking to feed a family, one plant of most types will do. Some exceptions:
  • Basil – I do at least 8 plants
  • Cilantro & dill – Great to grow from seed so you can do succession planting

Where to put an herb garden?

  • In the sun – most herbs need full sun (6+ hours/day), except cilantro that likes a little heat relief in partial shade
  • Near the kitchen, ideally
  • Containers work fine — and are recommended for spreaders like mint!
  • In an area no deeper than about 2 feet — to easily reach in and snip, snip
  • Mixed into vegetable/flower gardens or as a stand-alone herb area

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